Shafir Systems

Shafir Systems is Israel’s largest and leading company in the development of automation systems, smart production lines, special machines and complex multidisciplinary systems according to client demand.

We specialize in providing a complete solution to our clients that start from learning the needs, develop the system, producing the parts, assemble, install at client site and supply on going support worldwide.

With 40 years of experience and the best experts in the country, Shafir is a strategic partner to companies that wants to achieve technological advantage 



Unlike other companies that use only robots thay market, we at Shafir choose the robot that best suits the project. Shafir has extensive experience working with a wide range of robots such as: articular, scara and spider from the top brands


Shafir specializes in servo motion for wide range of solutions. The company has extensive experience in integrating linear systems, conveyors, rotating tables and shuttles in multi-axis systems with synchronization and full control

Mechanical Eng

Shafir have 24 Solid works stations. Our expericaned engineers simulate all the movements of the system to ensure functionality.  We preform static, dynamic and termal analyzes according to the project requierments


The use of vision systems is a major expertise in the company and used for a wide range of applications: from achieving accuract “pick and place” to prefoem complex visual inspections based on human intelligence platform – we do it all 

Electrical Eng  and Control 

We design in house all the elcetonics and control established in our system. Our control engineers specilizes with Simens and Beckhoff control to carry out any complex tasks.


Our software them design and carry all the HMI which run on the systems. Our software engineers specilizes on .NET, C#, data bases, protocols and can integrate with any third party software

Managing Team

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